Barbecue food

Archer's can help you make your barbecue special. Why not try a butterfly leg of lamb in a juicy marinade? Or stuffed pork chops? If you'd like to chat about ways to make your barbecue better, visit our shop. or take a look at our most recent BBQ leaflet.


Meaty Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Rib Racks
Buy your ribs au naturel, or choose from our vast range
of Marinaded Ribs: Chinese, Hot & Spicy, BBQ, Wild Willy, and many more.


6 oz Steak Burgers
American Burgers
Seasoned Burgers
Chilli Burgers
Pork & Apple Burgers
Minted Lamb Burgers
All burgers above are gluten free


Prime Beef Steaks
Best Rump Steak
Prime Sirloin Steak
Delicious T Bone
Rib Eye Steaks
Flash Fry Steaks
Tender Fillet Steak
Teriyaki Steak




Beef teriyaki kebabs
chicken in sticky maple marinade
lamb marinaded in an asian glaze
pork and lamb Grillsticks - like a mini donner kebab with a seasoned coating


Chicken portions in the following marinades:
Hot and spicy, southern BBQ, sticky maple

Pork Steaks

Tender pork steaks marinaded in various sauces
Pork Parcels
Boneless Pork
Chops stuffed with apple herbs & sausagemeat dusted in a spicy seasoning

BBQ Joints

Various joints can be barbecued.
Pork shoulder and lamb give the best results.
For example: Butterfly Leg of Lamb or Boneless pork shoulder joint.


Alternatively if you want us to provide a BBQ for you in your own home please follow these simple steps.


Step 1.

Choose your meat from our bbq leaflet

Step 2.

Add £1.50 to every hotdog or burger to include:

Freshly baked rolls from local baker

Selection of sauces (BBQ/Mayo/Mustard/Tomato)

Fried onions

Green salad & sliced tomato

Cheese Slices

Step 3.

Add your salad option from our buffet/salad list on our website

Step 4.

Choose Staff hire option. (staff available Tuesday-Saturday evenings and sundays only)

Staff only option

1 x staff (maximum x 40 people) £100

2 x staff (40-100 people) £200

Equipment and staff hire for the evening

Cooking equipment (BBQ, Gas, utensils etc.)

Archer's branded Marquee to cook in.

1 staff (maximum 40 x people) £150

2 x staff (maximum 100 x people) £250

3 x staff (100-150 x people) £350