We buy all our haggis from Macsweens of Edinburgh.

Macsween is a third generation family firm, passionate about making great-tasting foods. They start with the best ingredients and family recipes, which are virtually unchanged in 60 years. And just as they have always done, hand make products with great care. Their haggis, vegetarian haggis and black pudding are wonderfully versatile, great for all times of day and throughout the year! In 2013 the Great Taste Awards gave Macsween's haggis their highest accolade of 3 Gold Stars, making it the only haggis to have received this award.

Haggis consists of lamb, beef, oatmeal and onions, plus our special blend of spices and seasoning. These are all cooked together in a natural casing to produce Scotland's famous national dish.

Beyond the iconic presentation of haggis at Burns Suppers, this wonderfully versatile dish is eaten throughout the year, making regular appearances on the menus of cafés, bistros and restaurants across the UK. Dishes include canapés, spicy pakoras and even haggis lasagne!

Haggis Prices

1/2 lb serves 1 £2.25 Each

1lb Serves 2-3 £4.50 Each

2lb Serves 4-6 £9 Each

4lb Serves 8-10 £16 Each

1/2 lb Vegetarian Haggis Serves 1 £2.25 Each



Fresh Blood Black Pudding

Supplied by The Fruit Pig Company, Wisbeach

This small producer has been growing rapidly since introducing their now famous fresh blood black pudding and we are proud to stock them.

The Fruit Pig Company's black pudding is a sumptuous mix of fresh blood, oats, pearl barley, onion, fat, spices and a handful of sultanas.  Grill or fry....get the outside crunchy and serve....sumptious.  It's an International Award Winner and aGreat Taste 2014 winner. 

White Pudding

White pudding or Hog's pudding in the South West is.......sumptious!  Just like black pudding, white pudding is hailed and hated in equal measure. It's a mix of oats, bacon, fat, herbs and spices.   It's juicy and fluffy, flavoursome but not peppery.  Two minutes a side in the pan or under the grill and the outside is crispy......ideal under a runny egg in the mornings or as an accompaniment to posh a favourite pork dish.

Matt and Grant now also supply many top restaurants throughout the country including some michelin starred venues.