Local Free-Range Meat

All our meat comes from local farms to help reduce our carbon footprint and is free range wherever possible.


Tim Allen's Pork

Allens Farm, South Creake, Holkham Estate

Tim Allen is a third generation farmer and has plenty of experience when it comes to pig farming, he breeds only the finest animals on his farm on the North Norfolk coast.

All the pigs are kept outside from birth to slaughter, and are both "Red Tractor" assured and "RSPCA Assured"  This garuantees the highest standards of welfare and confidence in knowing that the animals are cared for and lead a happy life on the farm.


Free-range Blythburgh pork

William Almey's Beef

All our beef is supplied by P O Almey & sons of Tavistock Farm, Antingham near North Walsham. The Almey family have been farming cattle for generations and have a good stock of quality animals all year round.

The breeds of cattle we have are mostly Simmental and Limosin (continental breeds which are famed for their lean tender meat) crossed with native breeds such as Hereford, Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus which are known for their marbled texture.

The Cattle are free to graze in large fields at a ratio of at least one acre per animal. Once the animals have reached maturity usually 20-24 months they are then fattened on a higher calorie finishing ration to give them a better flavour.

To further improve the flavour and tenderness we hang the carcasses in our specific cold store for between 21-28 days prior to butchering.



Prime Norfolk Lamb


All our Lamb is from selected by HG Blake’s Ltd. They have an outstanding reputation for choosing only the highest welfare farms within Norfolk and adhere to the “Quality Standard Mark” (QSM.) lamb carrying the Mark is chosen according to a strict selection process to ensure it is succulent and tender. QSM lamb is produced to higher standards than required by law with a supply chain which is fully assured and independently inspected at every stage.

The QSM also tells you where your lamb is from. For example, meat from an animal born, raised and slaughtered in England will carry the Quality Standard lamb Mark indicating English origin with the St George’s flag.

The breed of Lamb we mainly use are Texel's. The Texel sheep originated on the isle of Texel, the largest of the Wadden Islands off the north coast of the Netherlands.it is a breed that is of outstanding carcass quality. We mostly have cross bred Texel sheep that have been crossed with native breeds such as a Suffolk or a Beltex giving them a full flavour and great meat to bone ratio.


From our Freezer

We have a large range of meat and meat related products for you to choose from, most of which have been cooked on the premises. Here are just some of the range for you!

  Beef Stock

  Poultry Stock

  Beef Dripping

  Beef Suet

  Ox Tail

  Ox Kidney

  Pig's Fry

  Lamb Sweetbreads



  Speciality Sausages

  Homemade Barbecue Sauce

  Homemade Burgers

  Marrow Bones