Christmas Selection 2023

Christmas Store is now closed

Our Christmas store is now closed for orders in 2022, We Look forward to seeing you again next year and wish you an amazing Christmas and New Year

Best wishes Jamie Archer & team.



From the eye of the beef rib, considered the steak with the most flavour. Ribeye is a very well marbled steak that has a beautifully buttery taste, best cooked medium rare. Matured for a minimum of 28 days in our Hiamalayan salt aging fridge.

Weight Price Quantity
180g £7.20
250g £10.00
300g £12.00
375g £15.00
500g £20.00
750g £30.00
1 kg £40.00
1.5 kg £60.00
2 kg £80.00
2.5 kg £100.00
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