Binham Blue

MRS TEMPLE’S CHEESE Copys Green Farm, Wighton, Holkham Estate, North Norfolk. The reach of Catherine Temple’s cheeses has been an extraordinary Norfolk success story for the best part of decade. Made at Copys Green Farm at Wighton using milk from the Chalk Farm herd of Holstein Friesians and the Copys Green herd of Swiss Brown cows, the handmade cheeses were developed to offer a Norfolk cheeseboard. The farm generates hot water using biomass not fossil fuels and use heat generated by biomass boilers for their processes. Waste is recycled to fertilise the land, they use minimal packaging and a high proportion of cattle food is produced on the farm. Multi award winning cheese. Binham Blue has a creamy texture and natural crust, with a beautifully sweet tangy taste. Full flavoured though not overwhelming, almost more like a continental blue than a Stilton, despite its full character and grey blue specks and veins. Smooth flavour with a bite to finish. 150g portion

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