Christmas Selection 2023

Christmas Store is now closed

Our Christmas store is now closed for orders in 2022, We Look forward to seeing you again next year and wish you an amazing Christmas and New Year

Best wishes Jamie Archer & team.


Important information regarding this year’s poultry Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to source our free range turkeys from another farm. There will be no geese or ducks available and free-range turkeys will be in short supply so it will have to be based on a first come first served basis. It is also worth noting that the cost of this year’s turkeys have risen quite a bit due to the cost of production which is also unavoidable. There will be some high welfare barn reared bronze turkeys if we run out of the free-range turkeys, but you will have to enquire in store for availability. We will continue to work hard to deliver you the best Christmas meats in these challenging times. Best wishes Jamie Archer & team.

From: £ 81.00 Bronze Turkey

Bronze Turkey

Premium Free Range Dry aged Turkey
£ 17.00 per kg Norfolk Black Turkey

Norfolk Black Turkey

Peele's Norfolk black turkey
£ 12.00 per kg Turkey Mince

Turkey Mince

minced turkey breast
From: £ 2.50 Turkey Steaks

Turkey Steaks

Lean turkey steak

From: £ 3.60 Chicken Fillet

Chicken Fillet

Skinless and boneless chicken fillets.
From: £ 8.00 Suffolk Barn Chickens

Suffolk Barn Chickens

Higher welfare Barn chicken
From: £ 3.00 chicken supreme

chicken supreme

chicken supreme
From: £ 3.50 Chicken Breast on the bone

Chicken Breast on the bone

Chicken Breast on the bone
£ 6.00 per kg Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

2 joint chicken wing
From: £ 1.45 Chicken Leg

Chicken Leg

Bone in skin on chicken legs
From: £ 0.90 Chicken Thighs

Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs

From: £ 10.00 Boned and Rolled with Stuffing

Boned and Rolled with Stuffing

Bone and rolled with stuffing
From: £ 0.25 Crowned Turkey

Crowned Turkey

Crown your turkey
From: £ 7.50 Boned and Rolled

Boned and Rolled

bone and rolled turkey option
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