Important information regarding this year’s poultry

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to source our free range turkeys from another farm. There will be no geese or ducks available and free-range turkeys will be in short supply so it will have to be based on a first come first served basis.
It is also worth noting that the cost of this year’s turkeys have risen quite a bit due to the cost of production which is also unavoidable. There will be some high welfare barn reared bronze turkeys if we run out of the free-range turkeys, but you will have to enquire in store for availability.
We will continue to work hard to deliver you the best Christmas meats in these challenging times. Best wishes Jamie Archer & team.

Free Range Bronze Turkeys
Supplied by Starveall Turkeys, Starveall Farm, Upton, Buckinghamshire

Slow reared, to the highest welfare standards

The turkeys at Starveall farm are kept in smaller flocks allowing to keep an eye on every bird. They are free to graze on fresh grass (to supplement their diet), forage for insects, dust-bathe, or scratch around and do whatever they want, all day long. At night, they are safe and secure in our spacious, straw-filled barns, where there is natural light, fresh straw every day, and plenty of food and water.

On the farm the birds are dry-plucked and hand finished and then, for that extra succulent flavour, they are hung for 10-14 days. Finally they are boxed, complete with pop-up timer and recipe leaflet, ready for your collection.

Available from 4.5-10 kilo whole birds, or for those who prefer a boneless joint for easy carving 1.5k, 3kilo or 6 kilo skin on breasts.

Norfolk Black Turkeys
Peele's Norfolk Black Turkeys, Thuxton, Norfolk

A Rick Stein food hero! Full on flavour, a bit gamey with a smaller breast and finer texture, a real experience.

For four generations the Peele family has been rearing the Norfolk Black turkey, a breed that they saved from extinction. The Norfolk Black originated in South America and was introduced to Europe by the Spanish explorer Pedro Nino around 1500. It has striking jet-black plumage, but the Norfolk Black is most celebrated for its finely-textured meat which has a slightly gamey flavour.

They allow our turkeys to mate naturally and all the poults are reared outside and allowed to mature slowly. The feed is mixed on the farm using their own home-grown wheat, barley, oats and beans and whole corn is fed to add a ‘bloom’ to the finished birds. All our turkeys are free range, additive and antibiotic free and are reared on organic meadowland.
Available from 3.5-7.5 kilo whole birds