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Established for more than 90 years as a third generation, family-run business, ARCHERS's are committed to continuing time-honoured butchery techniques and cater for both the traditional and changing tastes of our customers.

Our mission centres around being considered champions of high quality, locally produced meat rearer with high welfare standards and sustainability at the forefront of our business. We value the relationships we’ve built with local farmers and suppliers and staunchly support local business.

While our commitment to customer care is second to none, we uphold the highest animal welfare standards and produce top-quality and sustainably-sourced meat. With a reputation built on quality, ARCHER'S has become synonymous with butchery in the local area and beyond. Whether buying in our high street shop or online, ARCHER'S continue to provide products that are full of flavour ensuring customers know exactly what they’re consuming and where the meat comes from.

A 100 years in the making

For almost a century, ARCHER'S has employed only the most passionate people who consider the art of butchery to be exactly that – an art form. Still a family-run business at its core, we’ve welcomed new members to the ARCHER'S family over the years, many of whom have been with us for as long as we can remember!

Now in its third generation, and with Jamie Archer at the helm, we remain focused on being a forward-thinking business that is fully equipped for the future, while still maintaining the traditional techniques and methods used by Jamie’s father and grandfather before him. All our staff are fully trained and qualified, with expert knowledge of the provenance, quality and cut of the products we sell. In fact, they’re so skilled in their work that they were persuaded to offer butchery classes and private tuition to people who share our passion for butchery.

When customers come into ARCHER'S, they’re not just there for the quality products we sell, but for the sense of familiarity that comes from our long-standing history on the high street. We’re grateful for our long list of loyal customers. They continue to share kind words about our business and return time and time again to ARCHER'S for their meat.

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The Staff

All our staff are fully trained and qualified and most have been with us for many years. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, family-run business.


We believe products and provenance go hand in hand. Consumers deserve to know what they’re eating and where it comes from. We’re passionate about the provenance of the meat we stock and not only know exactly where each and every cut of meat comes from, but who it was reared by, how long it was reared for, how much exercise the animals had and to the diet they were fed.

We’re proud to have won a number of awards across our product ranges, from scotch eggs to sausages and bacon to steak burgers. We use only the freshest, finest ingredients in our products sourced from local suppliers wherever possible. Taste is everything when it comes to meat and we’ve taste tested every single product ourselves to make sure our customers enjoy only the fullest of flavours.

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We believe that food tastes better when it’s been reared with care. We source our meat from those who not only share our passion for safeguarding the welfare of animals it comes from, but those who share our commitment to quality and in doing things properly. Our suppliers, some who are third or fourth generation farmers, have learnt their trade and honed their skills over many years, translating their expertise into providing a healthy supply of quality stock all year round. Quality meat takes time and many of our suppliers rear and prepare their meat using tried and tested traditional methods, which means their slower-grown meat is tastier and more succulent. We work with farms who are credited for their leading welfare standards. They, like us, adhere to schemes that underpin the highest standards of quality-assurance across the British food and drinks industry, such as the Quality Standard Mark, RSPCA and Red Tractor.