Bacon & Gammon
All our bacon is cured the traditional way, the way it has been for generations. The bacon is dry-cured and then smoked over maple & beech wood chips. Curing bacon this way will prevent the white residue you sometimes get from other cheaper bacon where the meat has been injected with water and artificial flavourings.
You can guarantee our bacon is naturally full of flavour – the way bacon should taste!
Our Gammons are supplied by Bramfield Meats, Halesworth, Suffolk. The gammons start with their own house cure, mixed from salt, sugar and secret spice blends, brined as traditional Wiltshire-cure; finished as unsmoked (green) or smoked over oak chips.

From: £ 3.00 Bacon Lardons

Bacon Lardons

Bacon Lardons
From: £ 5.00 Bacon Chops

Bacon Chops

smokey Bacon Chops
£ 13.00 per kg Smoked Streaky Bacon

Smoked Streaky Bacon

Dry Cured Smoked Bacon
£ 13.50 per kg Beer & Treacle Streaky

Beer & Treacle Streaky

Traditional Suffolk sweet cured bacon
£ 14.50 per kg Unsmoked Back Bacon

Unsmoked Back Bacon

Slightly sweet, salty bacon
£ 15.00 per kg Smoked Back Bacon

Smoked Back Bacon

Dry Cured Smoked Bacon
£ 15.00 per kg Beer & Treacle Back Bacon

Beer & Treacle Back Bacon

A tasty traditional Suffolk cure
From: £ 6.00 Smoked Gammon Hock

Smoked Gammon Hock

Smoked ham hock
From: £ 6.00 Unsmoked Gammon Hock

Unsmoked Gammon Hock

Unsmoked Gammon Hock
From: £ 12.50 Unsmoked Gammon Joint

Unsmoked Gammon Joint

Easy carve, boneless unsmoked gammon joint.
From: £ 12.50 Smoked Gammon Joint

Smoked Gammon Joint

Easy carve, boneless smoked gammon joint.