All our beef is supplied by P O Almey & sons of Tavistock Farm, Antingham near North Walsham. The Almey family have been farming cattle for generations and have a good stock of quality animals all year round.

£ 50.00 per kg Fillet


The most tender steak of all.
£ 31.00 per kg Sirloin


Perfectly tender, full on flavour steak
£ 34.00 per kg Ribeye


Beautifully marbled steak bursting with flavour
£ 22.00 per kg Rump


Great value and flavoured steak
£ 15.00 per kg Minute Steak

Minute Steak

Topside of beef cut thin and tenderised.
From: £ 25.00 Cote Du Boeuf

Cote Du Boeuf

Ribeye on the bone
£ 20.00 per kg Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak

Steak from the forequarter
£ 9.95 per kg Brisket


Brisket is amazing slow roasted
£ 12.00 per kg Flat Briskett

Flat Briskett

Flat Brisket, ideal for slow cookng
£ 13.50 per kg Roasting beef joint

Roasting beef joint

Topside or Silverside
£ 22.00 per kg Rolled Rump

Rolled Rump

Good value roasting joint
£ 22.50 per kg Rib of Beef On The Bone

Rib of Beef On The Bone

King of Roasts!
£ 29.00 per kg Rolled Rib

Rolled Rib

Boneless rib joint for fuss free carving
£ 29.00 per kg Rolled Sirloin

Rolled Sirloin

Beautifully soft joint
From: £ 2.80 Ox Cheeks

Ox Cheeks

Ox Cheeks
From: £ 18.00 Jacobs Ladders

Jacobs Ladders

Whole set of Jacobs Ladders (approx 2 kilos)
£ 9.00 per kg Diced Shin

Diced Shin

Diced shin of beef
£ 9.50 per kg Lean Mince Beef

Lean Mince Beef

Lean minced beef
£ 10.00 per kg Chuck Steak

Chuck Steak

Chuck steak great for slow cooked dishes
£ 10.00 per kg Short Ribs

Short Ribs

Beef Ribs, American favourite
£ 11.00 per kg Lean Braising Steak

Lean Braising Steak

Diced blade or shoulder of beef
£ 14.00 per kg Skirt


A beef cut great for slow cooking