A selection of the finest game from Norfolk shoots. All our venison sourced from the Gunton estate, North Norfolk. We mainly use red deer for its balance of size and flavour. All game birds come plucked and oven ready. Fresh game only avaialable from september until february.

From: £ 9.00 Venison Steaks

Venison Steaks

2 x venison steaks
£ 10.00 per kg Venison Mince

Venison Mince

venison mince
£ 14.00 per kg Venison Diced

Venison Diced

Diced venison Gunton estate Norfolk.
£ 22.50 per kg Venison Haunch

Venison Haunch

Venison Haunch from red deer
£ 42.50 per kg Venison Loin

Venison Loin

Venison loin
From: £ 5.00 Duck Legs

Duck Legs

2 x Gressingham duck legs
From: £ 8.00 Pousin


From: £ 12.50 Duck Breasts

Duck Breasts

2 x Gressingham duck breasts