Marinated Meats

BBQ Chicken Drumsticks Prices start from: £0.80
Marinaded Chicken Legs

BBQ Chicken Drumsticks
Mexican Pork Steaks Prices start from: £3.00
Spicy Tender pork steaks

Mexican Pork Steaks
teriyaki pork steaks Prices start from: £3.00
Tangy asian pork steaks

teriyaki pork steaks
Minted Lamb Leg steak Prices start from: £3.50
Minted lamb steaks

Minted Lamb Leg steak
Mediterranean Chicken Fillets Prices start from: £3.70
Mediterranean marinade

Mediterranean Chicken Fillets
Garlic and Herb Spatchcock Chicken Prices start from: £8.95
BBQ Spatchcock chicken

Garlic and Herb Spatchcock Chicken
Lemon Chilli & Ginger Spatchcock Prices start from: £8.95
Marinated spatchcock chicken

Lemon Chilli & Ginger Spatchcock
Jamaican Jerk spatchcock chicken Prices start from: £8.95
Jamaican Jerk spatchcock chicken

Jamaican Jerk spatchcock chicken
Hot Chicken Wings £8.00 per kg
Hot Chicken Wings

Hot Chicken Wings
Minted Lamb Riblets £13.00 per kg
Boneless breast of minted lamb

Minted Lamb Riblets