Meat Boxes

Our meat boxes and Hamperrs have been carefully chosen so that there should be enough choice for even the most discerning of customers. Packed and prepared on a daily basis means your meat gets to you in the best possible condition.

From: £ 25.00 Sausage Selection Pack

Sausage Selection Pack

Continental taster pack of sausages
From: £ 27.95 Valentines Meal for two

Valentines Meal for two

AVAILABLE ON 10th. 11th & 14TH FEB ONLY!!
From: £ 15.00 Breakfast Box

Breakfast Box

Breakfast pack
From: £ 30.00 Low Fat Meat box

Low Fat Meat box

Selection of low fat basic items
From: £ 18.00 Small Meat Box

Small Meat Box

A Selection of carefully selected meats
From: £ 60.00 Large Meat Box

Large Meat Box

Perfect meat box for a family of four
From: £ 38.00 Medium Meat Box

Medium Meat Box

A selection of essential meats
From: £ 18.50 Gluten Free Meat Box

Gluten Free Meat Box

A Selection of essential meats
From: £ 13.50 BBQ Pack For 4

BBQ Pack For 4

Selection of BBQ favourites for 4 people
From: £ 33.00 Gourmet BBQ Pack For 4

Gourmet BBQ Pack For 4

Premium BBQ selection for 4
From: £ 49.50 Gourmet BBQ Pack For 6

Gourmet BBQ Pack For 6

Premium BBQ selection For 6
From: £ 65.00 BBQ Pack For 10

BBQ Pack For 10

Selection of BBQ meats for 10 people