Quality & Provenance

Tim Allen is a third generation farmer who has plenty of experience when it comes to pig farming - he breeds only the finest animals on his farm on the North Norfolk coast.
Outdoor-reared pork from Morley Farm, South Creake, Holkham Estate, North Norfolk.
We believe that pigs raised outdoors are healtheir, happier and provide a better meat.

£ 7.95 per kg Pork Shoulder O/b

Pork Shoulder O/b

Pork shoulder on the bone
£ 9.50 per kg Pork Shoulder Bless/Rless

Pork Shoulder Bless/Rless

Boneless & rindless pork shoulder
£ 12.50 per kg French trimmed Loin of pork

French trimmed Loin of pork

Lovely centrepiece pork joint
£ 8.95 per kg Boneless Pork Belly

Boneless Pork Belly

Boneless pork belly
£ 8.50 per kg Pork Belly On The Bone

Pork Belly On The Bone

Pork belly on the bone
£ 9.95 per kg Rolled Loin

Rolled Loin

Rolled loin of pork
£ 8.95 per kg Boneless Shoulder Of Pork

Boneless Shoulder Of Pork

Boneless Pork shoulder
£ 9.50 per kg Loin of Pork On The Bone

Loin of Pork On The Bone

Pork loin on the bone
£ 8.95 per kg Leg Of Pork

Leg Of Pork

Leg of pork
From: £ 1.30 Pork Belly Slices

Pork Belly Slices

Tasty meat, with juicy fat layers
From: £ 2.00 Pigs Cheeks

Pigs Cheeks

Pork cheeks
From: £ 15.00 St louis spare ribs

St louis spare ribs

whole set of St Louis spare ribs
From: £ 6.00 Pork Hock

Pork Hock

Hind leg hock, bursting with flavour
From: £ 2.50 Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs

Pork Ribs for the BBQ
£ 8.50 per kg Minced Pork

Minced Pork

Minced pork
£ 9.00 per kg Diced Pork

Diced Pork

Diced loin or shoulder of pork
From: £ 3.50 Pork Chops

Pork Chops

T-bone loin chop
From: £ 2.00 Pork Steaks

Pork Steaks

Outdoor reared pork steak
£ 14.50 per kg Pork Fillet

Pork Fillet

Tender Pork fillet